Basalt Mohs hardness can reach 7, with high hardness, high strength and wear resistance. The gravel aggregate produced by the project is mainly used for important projects such as roads and railways, and has high requirements on particle shape. Therefore, the project adopts two-stage crushing and shaping sand making process to meet customers’ demand for high quality sandstone aggregate.Feeding the raw material into the jaw crusher through the feeder, and discharging the material into the coarse crushing cone crusher;The cone-shaped discharge is sieved on the vibrating screen, and the 0-40mm material enters the sand making machine to be shaped and crushed. When the material is larger than 40mm, the medium-sized crushed cone continues to be crushed; the sand-making machine discharges into the finished sieve machine to screen out the finished sand.The project was put into operation in August 2011. The finished aggregate and machine sand all met the high standards of highway and railway infrastructure, and the customers were very satisfied.

Use location: Zhejiang, China

Application areas: road and railway construction

Finished product output: 500 tph

Processing raw materials: basalt

Feeding particle size: ≤900mm

Finished product size: 0-40mm