What brand of cone crusher is good

Cone crusher is an excellent crusher with high technical content, which can be divided into hydraulic, composite, spring and other different types. It has good crushing effect on medium and high hardness materials, and is widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, water conservancy and power plant, environmental protection and other fields. At present, there are many cone crusher manufacturers in the market, and the brands are mixed, so which brand of cone crusher is better?

Henan DEWO factory to provide all types of cone crusher

1Henan DEWO brand cone crusher model complete

Henan DEWO cone crusher models are very complete, including Φ 600、 Φ 900、 Φ 1200、 Φ 1750、 Φ 2200 and other models, feeding size, discharge port width, motor power, processing capacity are different, no matter what customer needs, our company equipment can meet, a wide range of choices.

2 Outstanding performance of Henan DEWO brand cone crusher

Henan DEWO cone crusher is made by introducing German and American high-end technology and combining with domestic high-quality materials. It has considerable performance advantages and is far from being replaced by other similar crushers

1. A good iron protection system is designed to prevent the damage of main components caused by the entry of hard debris into the chamber, so as to ensure the high efficiency and normal operation of the equipment;

2. According to the principle of lamination crushing, the crushing effect of “more crushing and less grinding” is achieved, which not only saves energy and reduces consumption, but also produces cubic, needle shaped and less flake products with reasonable grading and excellent quality;

3. The combination of reasonable crushing cavity and crushing stroke can effectively improve the crushing efficiency by more than 60% and the output simultaneously, so as to achieve the purpose of high efficiency and high yield;

4. Advanced automatic control system, and the design of automatic monitoring device, without the need for field personnel, can control the running state in real time, energy saving cost of 60%, give play to the advantages of equipment;

5. Excellent material selection, exquisite manufacturing technology, stronger equipment quality, life extension of at least 3 times, strong adaptability to harsh environment and site, more flexible and convenient use;

6. Green design concept, eliminate the noise and dust pollution in the process of equipment operation, create an environment-friendly production environment, fully corresponding to the national low-carbon target.

3Henan DEWO brand cone crusher, affordable price

The price of Henan DEWO cone crusher is really economical, which is 3% – 5% cheaper than other similar equipment in the industry, so it is more reliable. On the one hand, because the manufacturers have strong strength and large sales volume, they use mass production and sales, and the profit value of single equipment is relatively low, so the price is cheaper; Moreover, the production technology of the manufacturer is mature, there is no cost waste, and the management system is more scientific, so there is no manufacturing waste, so the equipment is more affordable.