What are the common equipment for breaking bricks and tiles

Brick and tile crushing equipment

1. Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is a high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection crushing equipment, which can carry out high-efficiency and continuous operation for materials with compressive strength within a certain range

(1) Deep crushing cavity and reasonable crushing speed can improve the processing capacity of the equipment in unit time and increase the crushing efficiency of the equipment.

(2) The grinding roller body of the equipment is optimized, so that the equipment does not need to replace the grinding roller body for life, and the operation cost of users is reduced.

(3) The inner part of the equipment is equipped with a dustproof plate, which can effectively avoid the pollution of dust to the surrounding environment in production, and create a good working environment for users.

(4) The adoption of advanced production technology effectively increases the crushing strength of the equipment, improves the stability of the equipment in operation, and reduces the maintenance frequency of the equipment.

2. Cone crusher

Cone crusher can effectively crush materials. In the process of operation, the outstanding characteristics of the equipment are as follows:

(1) By using the crushing principle of lamination, the material can be selectively crushed, which increases the processing capacity of the equipment.

(2) The equipment has a variety of crushing cavity, users can apply it flexibly, and the adaptability of the equipment is strong.

(3) The use of thin oil lubrication system can effectively extend the service life of the equipment.

(4) Hydraulic cavity cleaning system can quickly and efficiently remove the debris in the crushing cavity, so as to make the equipment more durable in operation.

3. Hammer crusher

Hammer crusher is an important equipment for secondary crushing of brick and tile. It not only has simple and reasonable structure design, but also has the following advantages:

(1) The material can be broken and shaped at one time, avoiding the secondary and tertiary crushing in the middle, simplifying the production process and reducing the operation cost of users.

(2) Compact structure, small size and light weight of the equipment make the user save more time and effort in operation.

(3) According to the production needs of users, the discharge particle size of the equipment can be adjusted, so as to improve the crushing efficiency of the equipment and make users get higher benefits.