How much does it cost to start a stone material factory ?

Analysis on investment cost of stone plant

In addition to the mining license, safety production license and water and soil conservation plan, it is more important to purchase a complete set of stone crushing production line equipment. How much is the investment cost of the stone plant? This is related to equipment, manufacturer selection, site scale, market competition and other factors.

1. Equipment allocation

The crushing production line of the quarry is not composed of a single equipment, but is usually composed of jaw crusher, impact crusher / cone crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, feeder and many other equipment. The selection of these equipment is different, and the price itself will be different.

2. Manufacturer selection

When choosing equipment manufacturers for stone crushing production line, investors should also pay attention to the fact that large manufacturers have a wide range of equipment types, high quality and many models. Basically, they can choose a full set of production line in the same company. Most manufacturers will give more preferential treatment, and the quality of equipment is guaranteed and the price is more appropriate;

On the contrary, small manufacturers have limited production capacity, inadequate equipment and uneconomic investment.

3. Site size

The actual site scale and output requirements of investors will also affect the overall investment. Generally, the larger the scale, the higher the daily output required by the manufacturer, the larger the models and specifications of the equipment, and the higher the price of a single equipment, the higher the overall investment will be. At the same time, the more significant market benefits will be brought to the customers.

4. Market competition

Market competition will affect the investment of production line. Generally, the more fierce the market competition is, many manufacturers will adopt price war and appropriately reduce the price of equipment. At this time, it is very beneficial for investors. The investment of quarry will be more cost-effective and the cost will be reduced.

What are the common equipment for breaking bricks and tiles

Brick and tile crushing equipment

1. Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is a high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection crushing equipment, which can carry out high-efficiency and continuous operation for materials with compressive strength within a certain range

(1) Deep crushing cavity and reasonable crushing speed can improve the processing capacity of the equipment in unit time and increase the crushing efficiency of the equipment.

(2) The grinding roller body of the equipment is optimized, so that the equipment does not need to replace the grinding roller body for life, and the operation cost of users is reduced.

(3) The inner part of the equipment is equipped with a dustproof plate, which can effectively avoid the pollution of dust to the surrounding environment in production, and create a good working environment for users.

(4) The adoption of advanced production technology effectively increases the crushing strength of the equipment, improves the stability of the equipment in operation, and reduces the maintenance frequency of the equipment.

2. Cone crusher

Cone crusher can effectively crush materials. In the process of operation, the outstanding characteristics of the equipment are as follows:

(1) By using the crushing principle of lamination, the material can be selectively crushed, which increases the processing capacity of the equipment.

(2) The equipment has a variety of crushing cavity, users can apply it flexibly, and the adaptability of the equipment is strong.

(3) The use of thin oil lubrication system can effectively extend the service life of the equipment.

(4) Hydraulic cavity cleaning system can quickly and efficiently remove the debris in the crushing cavity, so as to make the equipment more durable in operation.

3. Hammer crusher

Hammer crusher is an important equipment for secondary crushing of brick and tile. It not only has simple and reasonable structure design, but also has the following advantages:

(1) The material can be broken and shaped at one time, avoiding the secondary and tertiary crushing in the middle, simplifying the production process and reducing the operation cost of users.

(2) Compact structure, small size and light weight of the equipment make the user save more time and effort in operation.

(3) According to the production needs of users, the discharge particle size of the equipment can be adjusted, so as to improve the crushing efficiency of the equipment and make users get higher benefits.

PC Series Hammer Crusher
Model & Capacity
Model Max. Feeding Size(mm) Adjustable Discharge Opening(mm) Capacity
Weight(t) Overall Dimensions
PC200×300 100 ≤10 1-5 5.5 0.6 630×380×630
PC300×400 100 ≤15 3-10 11 0.86 900×670×860
PC400×600 120 ≤15 8-15 22 1.55 1200×1050×1200
PC600×800 150 ≤20 10-40 55 3.1 1310×1180×1310
PC800×1000 200 ≤30 16-65 90 6.2 1600×1390×1575
PC1000×1000 300 ≤40 30-80 110 8.8 1800×1590×1775
Structurer Diagram
Indicative Gradation Curves
PCZ Series Heavy Hammer Crusher
Model & Capacity
Model Rotor Dia.Length
Feed Opening
Max. Feeding Size (mm) Capacity
Overall Dimensions
PCZ- 0706 700×570 618×510 400 50-70 75 1950×1340×1480
PCZ- 0808 800×750 780×610 500 80-100 132 2280×1790×1670
PCZ- 0910 900×1000 1070×750 600 150-200 110×2 2600×2200×1940
PCZ- 1012 1000×1180 1255×810 650 250-300 132×2 2800×2310×2210
PCZ- 1213 1200×1280 1350×920 750 300-350 160×2 2970×2580×2510
PCZ-1216 1200×1590 1530×920 750 400-500 200×2 3070×2840×2580
PCZ-1220 1220×1950 2000×920 750 500-600 220×2 3080×3380×2580
PCZ-1622 1620×2200 2200×1100 900 600-800 250×2 3650×3250×3450
Structurer Diagram
Indicative Gradation Curves
Henan Zhuoheng Vertical impact crusher was sent to Indonesia

Recently, Henan Zhuoheng VSI9526 sand making machine was sent to Indonesia, it will be applied to volcanic rock crushing line.

Volcanic rock is a kind of stone formed by volcanic eruption magma after cooling and solidification on the surface. It is mainly black or gray, with pore-like or porphyritic structure. Volcanic rock has obvious advantages, such as compression resistance, abrasion resistance, and adhesion. Aggregate of volcanic rock is mainly used for infrastructure construction such as highways, railways, and water conservancy projects.

Vertical impact crusher is high-performance sand making equipment developed and manufactured by Henan Zhuoheng.The customer needs to process volcanic rock, with capacity of 40t/h, the feed size is less than 40mm, and the output size is less than 6mm, so we recommend the VSI4000 sand making machine for the customer.

VSI4000 sand making machine has the advantages of high crushing rate, simple structure and convenient maintenance. In particular, the product has an excellent grain shape, a cubic shape, and a very low content of needles. We are expecting our sand making machine to perform well on the customer’s site.

Zhengzhou Henan Zhuoheng has been focusing on the crushing and screening industry for more than 30 years. Welcome to our website!

Types of Stone Crusher Machine

Crusher plays an important role in the stone processing line. And with the development of mining machinery, the type of stone crusher machine becomes more and more rich, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, and cone crusher. All of them have their own advantages. Here I will introduce the applications and features of them for you.

Jaw crusher plays an irreplaceable role in ore production lines. It can crush the large materials into small pieces as first. And then, send the crushed stone into impact crusher or cone crusher for further process. Jaw crusher is suitable for crushing various stones with compression strength below 320mpa. It adopted the world’s leading manufacturing technology, and made by high quality materials. The crushing principle of jaw crusher is advanced.Therefore the finished particles are uniform, and have a very high quality. Customers can adjust the particle size conveniently according to production needs.

Cone crusher is designed by our experienced engineers based on their many years of research and development. It absorbs the foreign advanced crushing technology. Cone crusher adopts a laminated crushing principle, which can meet customers’ secondary and tertiary crushing requirements. Our cone crusher cavity can be quickly converted. As a result, it can reduce the investment of related equipment. It uses a hydraulic lubrication systems and intelligent control system. So the crusher is easy to operate because of its high degree of automation.

Impact crusher is manufactured by high impact resistance, high wear-resistant material. It significantly increases the life of the machine and reduces the consumptionof vulnerability. Impact crusher adopts an automated hydraulic device which customers can quickly replace wearing parts, and reduce downtime. Our impact crusher is equipped with two kinds of cavities, so the application of it becomes wider.

The Difference Between Impact and Cone Crusher

Same as the secondary crushing, the obvious differences between the Impact Crusher and the Cone Crusher are the crushing principle and the structure, which are easy to be understand. The impact crusher use impact energy to break down materials. During operation, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at a high speed. When the material enters the action area of the hammer, it is broken by the high-speed impact of the hammer. The broken material is thrown in the tangential direction to the impact plate installed above the rotor to be broken again, and then The impact plate rebounds back to the hammer action zone and breaks again. This process is repeated until the material is broken to the desired particle size and is discharged from the discharge port. The cone is broken and laminated, the motor drives the eccentric rotating through the drive shaft and a pair of bevel gear, cone axis does rotary pendulum movement under the force of eccentric sleeve , which makes the mantle surface sometimes near the concave, sometimes far from the concave, so that the ore in the crushing cavity is continually squeezed and being broken. The material enter into the crusher from the upper feed opening, by crushing can be discharged from the bottom discharge opening.

Henan Henan Zhuoheng Machinery is a professional crusher equipment manufacturer and our main products are: Jaw Crusher, Impact Crusher, VSI Sand Maker Machine, Hydraulic Cone Crusher, Simons Cone Crusher, Spring Cone Crusher and any kinds of Mobile Crushing Plant.

In addition, there are many differences between them in actual production.

1. Application Material

Both Impact Crusher and Cone Crusher can act as secondary crushing machine, but the hardness of the broken materials is not the same. Generally, the Cone Crusher mainly breaks some materials with higher hardness, such as granite, basalt, tuff, river pebble, etc., and the Impact Crusher is used to crush materials with less hardness, such as limestone.

Generally, the Impact Crusher is suitable for crushing medium hardness and below the toughness and brittle material, and the Cone Crusher is broken to be suitable for crushing hard materials.

2. Discharging Granularity

The size of the discharged material from the two crusher equipments is also different. In general, the Cone Crusher can produce thinner material than the Impact Crusher. In the real producing case, there are more Cone Crushers used in beneficiation, and more Impact Crushers used in building materials and construction projects.

3. Finished Grain Types

Impact Crusher are better than Cone Crusher. Impact finished Product has fewer corners and more powder, Cone Crusher finished product has more needle-like shapes and shape is not good.

4. Capacity

Compared with the Impact Crusher, the Cone Crusher has the characteristics of low energy consumption, large output, stable production, etc., so the Cone Crusher is often used for large-scale high-yield production line operations.

5. Investment

The price of the Cone Crusher is more expensive than the Impact Crusher, but the longevity of the consumables is long, avoiding the trouble of frequently replacing parts. In the long term, the Cone Crusher more saving than the Impact Crusher.

It can be understood that the Impact Crusher has lower buying cost and higher maintenance cost, the Cone Crusher is exactly the opposite.

6. Pollution

Impact Crusher have large noise and dust pollution and Cone Crusher has less pollution.

The Difference Between Jaw & Impact Crusher

Jaw Crusher and Impact Crusher are common crushing equipment in the crushing market., but a lot of people especially the people who have just get into this industry still have many questions, they don’t understand what is different between them. Today, let’s talk about the difference between these two machines in practical application.

Henan Henan Zhuoheng Machinery is a professional crusher equipment manufacturer and our main products are: Jaw Crusher, Impact Crusher, VSI Sand Maker Machine, Hydraulic Cone Crusher, Simons Cone Crusher, Spring Cone Crusher and any kinds of Mobile Crushing Plant.

The obvious differences between jaw crusher and impact crusher are in structure and working principle. The jaw crusher works as a curved extrusion, the material is squeezed and crushed in the crushing chamber composed of moving and fixed jaw plate. The impact crusher works as impact crushing, the material is repeatedly impacted and broken between the rotor (board hammer) and the impact plate.

The working principle is easy to understand. Now we focus on the differences between them in actual production.

1. Scope of Application

1) Hardness of the Material

Jaw Crusher can crush most of material which compressive strength between 300-350Mpa. Impact crusher is suitable for crushing medium hardness and less tough, brittle materials, such as limestone. If the material is hard, it will cause great damage to the wearing parts and shorten the service life.

2) Material Granularity

Jaw crusher is generally used to crush large pieces of material, allowing ore to enter below 1m (depending on the model and manufacturer), and there are many applications in mines and gravel fields. Impact crusher is used to process some small and medium-sized materials, and the feeding size range is not as good as Jaw Crusher.

2. Production Line Position

As common understanding, Jaw Crusher is a commonly used primary crushing device used for coarse crushing (fine crushing can be used for medium or fine crushing), and Impact Crusher is a commonly used secondary or tertiary crushing device for medium or fine crushing.

3. Production Capacity

Generally, the Jaw Crusher capacity is greater than the Impact Crusher. The hourly output can reach 600-800t (depending on the manufacturer and product model), and the Impact Crusher hourly output is around 260-450t.

4. Discharge Fineness

Jaw Crusher as a primary crushing, the fineness of the discharge is large, generally below 300-350mm (depending on the manufacturer and the product model). The Impact Crusher as secondary or tertiary crushing, the fineness of the discharge is of much smaller.

Here should be noted that due to different material properties, the fineness of the discharge of the equipment may also be inaccurate.

5. Discharge Shape

The shape of the material after Jaw Crusher squeezing and crushing is not good, the Impact Crusher is the product with good grain size and less angular shape in the crushing equipment, the discharge shape is even better than Cone Crusher.

6. Price

First, the sales volume and transaction of many manufacturers are higher, the main reason is the price. Second, Jaw Crusher as the traditional crushing equipment, it can meet all customer’s requirements such as performance, quality and power consumption etc. So the cost-effective devices are more likely to attract users’ attention.

All of the above are personal opinions and welcome to join the discussion.