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1 year machine warranty

We promise 1 year machine warranty, if there is any problem during the operation of your mine, please contact us to solve the problem. After receiving the customer's request by phone or email, our technicians will communicate with the customer if they need technicians. On-site, arrange to go

Arrive at the scene quickly

We promise to arrive at the scene within 24 hours in mainland China and arrive within 48 hours worldwide.

Complete accessory service

Our company can provide complete accessories service, all equipment accessories provided by Afuruika Group can be ordered. All accessories will be delivered to the customer in the first time, and the core components of the complete machine will be freely maintained or replaced within one year.

Ensure stable operation of equipment

f the equipment is interrupted due to operation, Afuruika technical engineer will retrain the operator to find out the problem and ensure the stable operation of the equipment in the future.

Regular understanding of user feedback

Regularly return to the project to understand the equipment operation status and user feedback, and solve the problem in the actual operation of the customer. After the technician solves the problem, our company will return to visit again to ensure that the problem is completely solved.

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365 days without receiving service requests

365 days without receiving service requests

365 days without receiving service requests

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