The customer has already transformed the stone production line before 2013 and contacted us through the introduction of old customers. Learn about customer appeals through a full range of communication with customers.In the absence of customer technology and vacant funds, Henan Zhuoheng Machinery provides customers with the best solution and the least capital investment with professional technical support,We have recommended the XV new sand making machine independently developed by Henan Zhuoheng for our customers, which has made the existing production line completely.The output is greatly improved, and the finished material specifications fully meet the needs of the local market.Bringing huge economic benefits to customers and gaining the trust and recognition of customers.

In March 2014, in order to continue to expand the market share of local sand and gravel aggregates, the company commissioned Devo Machinery to reconfigure a 250-ton/hour granite aggregate production line. After 4 months of hard work, the entire production line was put into normal production on July 17, 2014, from process configuration, equipment selection, plant design, product production, transportation, installation and commissioning.

Use location: Romania

Application areas: infrastructure construction, concrete mixing plant, road construction

Finished product output: 250 tph

Processing materials: granite

Feeding particle size: ≤650mm

Finished product size: 0-4, 4-8, 8-16, 16-40