After field visits by customers and technical guidance from the company, they finally chose to cooperate with Henan Zhuoheng Machinery. Our equipment runs smoothly and has a strong production capacity, which meets the customer’s multiple processing needs. At the same time, the technical engineering team also provides professional training for the customer’s employees. As a company with many years of experience in equipment manufacturing, the quality of Henan Zhuoheng Machinery is in full compliance with customer expectations and is very satisfied with this cooperation.

We recommended three pieces of crushing for our customers.The first section is firstly crushed and crushed, and the coarsely crushed material enters the transfer silo, which is pre-screened by the feeder into 0-50mm and larger than 50mm, and 0-50mm directly enters the vibrating screen;In the second stage, the material larger than 50mm is broken into coarse crushed cones, and then into the vibrating screen and divided into 6.25mm, 9.37mm, 18.75mm, 37.5mm.The material larger than 37.5mm enters the middle and fine crushed cone to break the third stage, and the material of 0-6.25mm enters the sand washing mechanism to produce the finished material.

Use location: Philippines

Application area: gravel aggregate

Finished product output: 200-250 tph

Processing raw materials: basalt

Feeding particle size: ≤700mm

Finished product size: 0-37.5mm

Device configuration table:

Product Type Quantity(pcs) Power(kw)
Vibrating feeder FS511 1 22
Jaw crusher JE491 1 132
Cone crusher YHP300BC 1 200
Cone crusher YHP200M 1 132
Circular vibrating screen 3YK6X2160 3 3*30
Spiral sand washer WL361 1 11
Vibrating feeder FGX311-4 2 2*2*0.75