Introduction of stone sand making machine

Stone sand making machine, also known as sand making machine, impact crusher, is a special equipment for fine crushing and shaping of various stones and stones (marble, limestone, pebbles, granite, basalt), etc. It is the core equipment of the sand production line It is designed in combination with the actual situation of the domestic sand and gravel plant and the international innovative technology level. It has an irreplaceable important value and function.

Work site picture of stone sand making machine

Stone sand making machines are widely used in many departments such as construction, building materials, chemical industry, water conservancy, highways, railways, etc. It has simple structure, high efficiency and energy saving, flexible use, good plastic effect, and larger output. It is quite popular in sand and stone factories.

What are the equipment for stone sand making machine? There are many types in the market. Commonly used equipment includes VSI sand making machine, HVI sand making machine, etc. Both of these are new types of crushed stone sand making equipment, with large processing capacity, easy operation, and multiple functions. “Stone-strike-iron” working mode, with an output of 12-650 tons per hour, can meet the needs of sand making plants of different scales. The specific details are as follows.