Introduction of sand making machine related supporting equipment

 1) Simple swing type (simple pendulum type) jaw crusher

working principle

The simple pendulum jaw crusher has a fixed jaw and a movable jaw. The fixed jaw is fixed on the front wall of the frame, and the movable jaw is hung on the spindle. When the eccentric shaft rotates, it drives the connecting rod to reciprocate up and down, so that the two thrust plates also reciprocate. Through the action of the thrust plate, the movable jaw suspended on the suspension shaft is pushed to reciprocate. When the movable jaw swings to the fixed jaw, the material falling in the jaw cavity is mainly crushed by the squeezing action of the jaw plate. When the movable forehead swings away from the fixed jaw, the crushed material is freely discharged through the discharge port at the lower part of the jaw cavity under the action of gravity. Therefore, the work of the jaw crusher is intermittent, and the crushing and unloading processes alternate in the jaw cavity. When this kind of crusher works, all points on the movable jaw are centered on the suspension shaft, and they simply swing in an arc. Because of the relatively simple trajectory, it is called simple swing type jaw crusher, or simply swing type jaw crusher for short.


(2) Complex swing type (compound swing type) jaw crusher

working principle

The movable jaw is directly suspended on the eccentric shaft and is directly driven by the eccentric shaft. The bottom of the movable jaw is supported on the rear wall of the frame with a thrust plate. When the eccentric shaft rotates, the movable jaw swings to and fro the fixed jaw on the one hand, and at the same time it moves up and down to a large extent along the fixed jaw. The motion trajectory of each point on the movable jaw is different. The top motion is restricted by the eccentric shaft, and the motion trajectory is close to an arc. In the middle part of the movable jaw, the motion trajectory is an elliptic curve, and the closer the ellipse is, the longer it becomes. When this type of crusher works, the movement trajectory at each point of the movable jaw is relatively complicated, so it is called a complex swing type jaw crusher, or a compound swing type jaw crusher (jaw crusher) for short.

Advantages and disadvantages of compound pendulum jaw crusher

(1) The movement of the mobile jaw of the compound pendulum type jaw crusher at the upper and lower ends is not synchronized, crushing and discharging are performed alternately, so the power consumption is even.

(2) The vertical stroke of the movable jaw is relatively large, which is beneficial to the discharge, especially the discharged viscous and wet materials.

(3) Compared with the simple pendulum jaw crusher, the structure is relatively simple, light and compact, and the production capacity is higher.

(4) Due to the large vertical stroke of the movable jaw, the material is not only squeezed, but also partially ground and peeled, which aggravates the phenomenon of over-crushing of the material, increases energy consumption, generates large dust, and the jaw plate is easier to wear.

(5) When the compound pendulum jaw crusher crushes materials, the movable jaw is subjected to a huge accumulation of pressure, which directly acts on the eccentric shaft. At present, such crushers are made of medium and small size.

(3) Other forms of jaw crusher (jaw crusher)

1. Hybrid swing type (mixed pendulum type)jaw crusher

In order to overcome the shortcomings of the simple pendulum type jaw crusher and the compound pendulum type jaw crusher, a mixed pendulum type jaw crusher has been trial-produced. Its working principle: the movable jaw and the connecting rod are mounted on the eccentric shaft together, and the connecting rod head It is installed in the middle of the eccentric shaft, and the two shaft shells of the movable jaw are installed on both sides of the connecting rod head. The two thrust plates are still supported on the lower end of the movable jaw and the connecting rod and the rear wall of the frame. The moving trajectory of each point of the movable jaw is elliptical, and its long axis is inclined to the discharge direction, which promotes the advancement of the material and pushes the material to the discharge port, which improves the discharge conditions and increases the production capacity of the crusher. At the same time, the ratio of the horizontal swing at the bottom of the movable jaw to the vertical swing is 1:0.8, which is more reasonable than the compound pendulum jaw crusher, and can reduce the wear of the tooth plate. Since the movable jaw and the connecting rod are both suspended on the eccentric shaft, the eccentric shaft and its bearings are subjected to great stress, the working conditions are bad, and they are easily damaged. At the same time, the structure is also relatively complicated. Although the relevant domestic mining machinery manufacturers have made hybrid swing crushers, they have not been promoted due to the above reasons.

2. Fine crushing jaw crusher (fine crushing)

This machine is an improvement on the simple pendulum and compound pendulum jaw crushers. It adopts an eccentric shaft structure composed of several movable jaws and several eccentric columns. During operation, each movable jaw is used to crush materials separately, thereby reducing the size of the machine. It is easy to start, stable operation and low energy consumption. At present, there are compound pendulum type fine crushing jaw crusher and simple pendulum type fine crushing jaw crusher. The working principle is the same as the prototype crusher, but the length of the feed port is increased, and the crushing ratio can reach 5-8. This type of crusher can crush ores and rocks whose compressive strength does not exceed 250MPa/cm2. Its processing capacity (calibrated by this machine) is based on crushing medium-hard ores and rocks with a loose density of 1.6t/m3.

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