How to choose the model of sand washing machine? what is the price?

Sand washing machine is a special washing equipment used for cleaning and impurity removal of artificial sand and natural sand. It is widely used in mining, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy, hydropower station, glass factory, construction, building materials and many other fields. It has a long life. Long, easy to maintain, low cost, large processing capacity, high cleaning degree, good dehydration effect, energy saving and environmental protection, etc., is one of the most popular and concerned equipment in the industry.

There are many types of sand washing machines. Customers should choose the appropriate type of equipment that matches the production needs when purchasing equipment to better meet production needs, avoid production waste, and reduce costs. Then how to choose the sand washing machine model? How much does it cost to buy a piece of equipment? This article will introduce you one by one.

Key points of sand washing machine selection

When choosing a sand washing machine model that suits them, customers should consider from many aspects, usually including the nature of fine sand (sand), site size, finished product standards, etc. The detailed analysis is as follows:

1. The properties of fine sand (sand): First, we must have a comprehensive understanding of the properties of the processed material (fine sand), such as its shape, particle size, water content, hardness, etc., and combine these to make preliminary model selection;

2. Site scale: Investors must have a certain understanding of their own site scale, such as hourly output, site area, etc., so as not to choose too large or too small equipment to affect the normal operation of the production line;

3. Finished product standards: cleanliness, dehydration, hourly output, etc. are all requirements and standards for finished sand. Customers should strictly follow these to choose more suitable equipment models.

There are various types of sand washing machines, including XS2200, XS2600, XS2900, XS3500, etc. The motor power, overall dimensions, total weight, processing capacity, etc. of each type of equipment are different. The following is a simple parameter introduction:

1. XS2600: The diameter of the wheel is 2600mm, the speed is 1-2r/min, the dimensions (length x width x height) are 3520x2390x2690mm, the total weight is 5600kg, and the processing capacity per hour is 20-50t;

2. XS2900: The diameter of the wheel is 2900mm, the speed is 0.8-1.5r/min, the dimensions (length x width x height) is 3820x2640x3200mm, the total weight is 8100kg, and the processing capacity per hour is 50-100t.