How much does it cost to start a stone material factory ?

Analysis on investment cost of stone plant

In addition to the mining license, safety production license and water and soil conservation plan, it is more important to purchase a complete set of stone crushing production line equipment. How much is the investment cost of the stone plant? This is related to equipment, manufacturer selection, site scale, market competition and other factors.

1. Equipment allocation

The crushing production line of the quarry is not composed of a single equipment, but is usually composed of jaw crusher, impact crusher / cone crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, feeder and many other equipment. The selection of these equipment is different, and the price itself will be different.

2. Manufacturer selection

When choosing equipment manufacturers for stone crushing production line, investors should also pay attention to the fact that large manufacturers have a wide range of equipment types, high quality and many models. Basically, they can choose a full set of production line in the same company. Most manufacturers will give more preferential treatment, and the quality of equipment is guaranteed and the price is more appropriate;

On the contrary, small manufacturers have limited production capacity, inadequate equipment and uneconomic investment.

3. Site size

The actual site scale and output requirements of investors will also affect the overall investment. Generally, the larger the scale, the higher the daily output required by the manufacturer, the larger the models and specifications of the equipment, and the higher the price of a single equipment, the higher the overall investment will be. At the same time, the more significant market benefits will be brought to the customers.

4. Market competition

Market competition will affect the investment of production line. Generally, the more fierce the market competition is, many manufacturers will adopt price war and appropriately reduce the price of equipment. At this time, it is very beneficial for investors. The investment of quarry will be more cost-effective and the cost will be reduced.