The process design of the project is advanced, and the special soil removal screen machine is equipped in the front section, which makes it easier to guarantee the quality of the back aggregate and machine sand. According to the customer’s needs, Henan Zhuoheng Machinery uses a new impact crusher to meet the needs of grain shape and production. The production line equipment is stable and the owners are very satisfied.

Use location: China Chongqing

Application areas: commercial mixing plant, building aggregate

Finished product output: 800 tph

Processing raw materials: limestone

Feeding particle size: ≤850mm

Finished product size: 0-31.5mm

Device configuration table:

Product Type Quantity(pcs) Power(kw)
Vibrating feeder FS591 1 30
Jaw crusher JE631 1 200
Impact crusher XF711 2 2*630
Circular vibrating screen 2YK6X1545 1 15
Circular vibrating screen 2YK6X3060 2 2*37
Circular vibrating screen 2YKD6X3075 2 2*2*30