This project belongs to the environmental protection project promoted by the government. The products can be used to produce recycled aggregate or recycled bricks.Solid waste is generally loaded by a digging machine, and the rod vibrating feeder is equipped with purlins, which can pre-screen the feeding materials.A part of the fine material that does not need to be broken is directly sieved out through the purlin and output through the belt conveyor.The bulk material passes through the feeder and enters the European version of the hydraulic counter-breaking. After the waste is broken, the steel in the material is removed by the iron remover.Then, it is transported to the screening equipment through the belt conveyor, and the finished product is output by the finished conveyor belt, and the unqualified materials are transported to the counter-attack and broken through the return belt to form a closed loop.

Use location: China Zhejiang

Application areas: recycled aggregates, environmentally friendly tiles

Finished product output: 80-100tph

Processing raw materials: construction waste

Feeding particle size: ≤500mm

Finished product size: 0-40mm

Device configuration table:

Product Type Quantity(pcs) Power(kw)
DWP series mobile impact crusher Plant DWP471XF 1 134
DWP series mobile screening plant DWP1860YK3S 1 37.5