Model and price of DP single cylinder cone crusher

Brief introduction of single cylinder cone crusher

The single cylinder cone crusher is mainly used for crushing high hard materials, such as quartz, river pebbles, iron ore, gold ore, etc., which are widely used in water conservancy and hydropower, highway, railway and other fields.

Henan Henan Zhuoheng stone crusher machine is specialized in the production of single cylinder cone crusher manufacturers, the production of equipment models, affordable, and the performance of the equipment also meet the different construction requirements of customers, this paper briefly introduces the model and price of this equipment of our company.

Henan Henan Zhuoheng stone crusher machine single cylinder cone crusher Model List

Our company’s single cylinder cone crusher has two series of medium crushing and fine crushing. The parameters of important models in the two series of medium crushing and fine crushing are briefly introduced.

1. DWCS420 single cylinder cone crusher

DWCS420 single cylinder cone crusher has a maximum feeding size of 240mm, a discharge port adjustment range of 19-38mm, a production capacity of 70-165t / h and a motor power of 90kw.

2. DWCS660 single cylinder cone crusher

DWCS660 single cylinder cone crusher has a maximum feeding size of 560mm, a discharge port adjustment range of 38-83mm, a production capacity of 310-1050t / h and a motor power of 315KW.

3. DWCH420 single cylinder cone crusher

The maximum feeding size of DWCH420 single cylinder cone crusher is 150 mm, the adjustment range of discharge port is 4-32 mm, the production capacity is 30-135 T / h, and the motor power is 90 kW.

4. DWCH660 single cylinder cone crusher

The maximum feeding size of DWCH660 single cylinder cone crusher is 300 mm, the adjustment range of discharge port is 13-51 mm, the production capacity is 175-670 T / h, and the motor power is 315 kW.

What brand of cone crusher is good

Cone crusher is an excellent crusher with high technical content, which can be divided into hydraulic, composite, spring and other different types. It has good crushing effect on medium and high hardness materials, and is widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, water conservancy and power plant, environmental protection and other fields. At present, there are many cone crusher manufacturers in the market, and the brands are mixed, so which brand of cone crusher is better?

Henan DEWO factory to provide all types of cone crusher

1Henan DEWO brand cone crusher model complete

Henan DEWO cone crusher models are very complete, including Φ 600、 Φ 900、 Φ 1200、 Φ 1750、 Φ 2200 and other models, feeding size, discharge port width, motor power, processing capacity are different, no matter what customer needs, our company equipment can meet, a wide range of choices.

2 Outstanding performance of Henan DEWO brand cone crusher

Henan DEWO cone crusher is made by introducing German and American high-end technology and combining with domestic high-quality materials. It has considerable performance advantages and is far from being replaced by other similar crushers

1. A good iron protection system is designed to prevent the damage of main components caused by the entry of hard debris into the chamber, so as to ensure the high efficiency and normal operation of the equipment;

2. According to the principle of lamination crushing, the crushing effect of “more crushing and less grinding” is achieved, which not only saves energy and reduces consumption, but also produces cubic, needle shaped and less flake products with reasonable grading and excellent quality;

3. The combination of reasonable crushing cavity and crushing stroke can effectively improve the crushing efficiency by more than 60% and the output simultaneously, so as to achieve the purpose of high efficiency and high yield;

4. Advanced automatic control system, and the design of automatic monitoring device, without the need for field personnel, can control the running state in real time, energy saving cost of 60%, give play to the advantages of equipment;

5. Excellent material selection, exquisite manufacturing technology, stronger equipment quality, life extension of at least 3 times, strong adaptability to harsh environment and site, more flexible and convenient use;

6. Green design concept, eliminate the noise and dust pollution in the process of equipment operation, create an environment-friendly production environment, fully corresponding to the national low-carbon target.

3Henan DEWO brand cone crusher, affordable price

The price of Henan DEWO cone crusher is really economical, which is 3% – 5% cheaper than other similar equipment in the industry, so it is more reliable. On the one hand, because the manufacturers have strong strength and large sales volume, they use mass production and sales, and the profit value of single equipment is relatively low, so the price is cheaper; Moreover, the production technology of the manufacturer is mature, there is no cost waste, and the management system is more scientific, so there is no manufacturing waste, so the equipment is more affordable.

The best manufacturer of cobble crushing production line

Introduction of Cobblestone Crusher

The main component of pebbles is silica, and the colors that are often presented are black, red, white, yellow, blue-gray, etc., which is a very ideal natural building material. Therefore, the reserves of pebbles are also very large, mainly distributed in Shandong , Jiangsu, Liaoning, Chongqing, Guangxi, Guizhou and other places, have high utilization value.

Cobblestone processing generally needs to go through two stages of crushing and sand making, and crushing requires the use of a cobblestone crusher. Because there are so many cobblestone crushing equipment on the market now, many users do not know how to choose. A common cobblestone crusher.

Several crushers commonly used for pebbles

There are actually many types of cobblestone crushers. Among them, there are cobblestone jaw crusher, cobblestone counterattack crusher, cobblestone hammer crusher, etc. The following is a brief introduction to these equipment.

1. Pebble jaw crusher machine

The cobblestone jaw crusher is currently on the market with a better effect on cobblestone crushing. The cutting-edge feature of this equipment is that it can crush large pieces of pebbles, without the need for pre-crushing processing work, reducing costs, in addition to the following advantages

a, The crushing efficiency is high, the crushing ratio is large, the amount of pebbles processed per unit time is very large, and the equipment runs very smoothly during the processing;

b. The finished pebbles have uniform particle size after crushing, and the content of particles is also very large, which reduces the needle-like pebbles and meets the material requirements of the enterprise;

c. The crushing cavity is deep and there is no dead zone, and the amount of pebbles processed per unit time is also very large, which improves the output of the equipment and the overall profit of the processing plant;

d. The price is affordable, which reduces the investment cost of the majority of users, and the environmental protection measures in the work process are also done very well, which truly protects the environment.

2. Pebble impact crusher machine

Cobblestone impact crusher machine is mainly used as an intermediate crushing equipment for pebbles. This equipment is very specific to the crushing of pebbles, so that the finished pebbles after crushing are small. The characteristics of several such equipment are introduced below.

a. The granularity of the finished pebbles obtained by crushing can be well controlled, so that it can meet the construction requirements of most users;

b. The energy consumption is very low, the entire work process is reduced, and the energy consumption of the equipment is reduced by more than 50%, which saves a lot of operating costs for users;

c. Professional maintenance tools make it more convenient to repair the equipment in the event of a failure, and change the downtime of the equipment during maintenance;

d. The operation can be performed 24 hours a day, and there will be no quality problems during the operation, and the equipment can always operate stably.

3. Hammer broken pebbles

Cobblestone hammer crushing is mainly used for the middle and fine crushing operations of pebbles. The converted pebbles meet the requirements of the feed inlet of the subsequent material receiving equipment and have performance advantages. See details for details.

a. The hammer head is made of high-grade wear-resistant materials, resulting in super crushing ability, and the degree of wear in the working process is also very small;

b. The probability of failure during work is also very low, even if there are occasional repairs, it is more convenient and quick to repair;

c. It can withstand the crushing operation of pebbles, the crushing efficiency is very high, and the output of the equipment is effectively improved.

How much does it cost to start a stone material factory ?

Analysis on investment cost of stone plant

In addition to the mining license, safety production license and water and soil conservation plan, it is more important to purchase a complete set of stone crushing production line equipment. How much is the investment cost of the stone plant? This is related to equipment, manufacturer selection, site scale, market competition and other factors.

1. Equipment allocation

The crushing production line of the quarry is not composed of a single equipment, but is usually composed of jaw crusher, impact crusher / cone crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, feeder and many other equipment. The selection of these equipment is different, and the price itself will be different.

2. Manufacturer selection

When choosing equipment manufacturers for stone crushing production line, investors should also pay attention to the fact that large manufacturers have a wide range of equipment types, high quality and many models. Basically, they can choose a full set of production line in the same company. Most manufacturers will give more preferential treatment, and the quality of equipment is guaranteed and the price is more appropriate;

On the contrary, small manufacturers have limited production capacity, inadequate equipment and uneconomic investment.

3. Site size

The actual site scale and output requirements of investors will also affect the overall investment. Generally, the larger the scale, the higher the daily output required by the manufacturer, the larger the models and specifications of the equipment, and the higher the price of a single equipment, the higher the overall investment will be. At the same time, the more significant market benefits will be brought to the customers.

4. Market competition

Market competition will affect the investment of production line. Generally, the more fierce the market competition is, many manufacturers will adopt price war and appropriately reduce the price of equipment. At this time, it is very beneficial for investors. The investment of quarry will be more cost-effective and the cost will be reduced.

How to choose the model of sand washing machine? what is the price?

Sand washing machine is a special washing equipment used for cleaning and impurity removal of artificial sand and natural sand. It is widely used in mining, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy, hydropower station, glass factory, construction, building materials and many other fields. It has a long life. Long, easy to maintain, low cost, large processing capacity, high cleaning degree, good dehydration effect, energy saving and environmental protection, etc., is one of the most popular and concerned equipment in the industry.

There are many types of sand washing machines. Customers should choose the appropriate type of equipment that matches the production needs when purchasing equipment to better meet production needs, avoid production waste, and reduce costs. Then how to choose the sand washing machine model? How much does it cost to buy a piece of equipment? This article will introduce you one by one.

Key points of sand washing machine selection

When choosing a sand washing machine model that suits them, customers should consider from many aspects, usually including the nature of fine sand (sand), site size, finished product standards, etc. The detailed analysis is as follows:

1. The properties of fine sand (sand): First, we must have a comprehensive understanding of the properties of the processed material (fine sand), such as its shape, particle size, water content, hardness, etc., and combine these to make preliminary model selection;

2. Site scale: Investors must have a certain understanding of their own site scale, such as hourly output, site area, etc., so as not to choose too large or too small equipment to affect the normal operation of the production line;

3. Finished product standards: cleanliness, dehydration, hourly output, etc. are all requirements and standards for finished sand. Customers should strictly follow these to choose more suitable equipment models.

There are various types of sand washing machines, including XS2200, XS2600, XS2900, XS3500, etc. The motor power, overall dimensions, total weight, processing capacity, etc. of each type of equipment are different. The following is a simple parameter introduction:

1. XS2600: The diameter of the wheel is 2600mm, the speed is 1-2r/min, the dimensions (length x width x height) are 3520x2390x2690mm, the total weight is 5600kg, and the processing capacity per hour is 20-50t;

2. XS2900: The diameter of the wheel is 2900mm, the speed is 0.8-1.5r/min, the dimensions (length x width x height) is 3820x2640x3200mm, the total weight is 8100kg, and the processing capacity per hour is 50-100t.

What are the common equipment for breaking bricks and tiles

Brick and tile crushing equipment

1. Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is a high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection crushing equipment, which can carry out high-efficiency and continuous operation for materials with compressive strength within a certain range

(1) Deep crushing cavity and reasonable crushing speed can improve the processing capacity of the equipment in unit time and increase the crushing efficiency of the equipment.

(2) The grinding roller body of the equipment is optimized, so that the equipment does not need to replace the grinding roller body for life, and the operation cost of users is reduced.

(3) The inner part of the equipment is equipped with a dustproof plate, which can effectively avoid the pollution of dust to the surrounding environment in production, and create a good working environment for users.

(4) The adoption of advanced production technology effectively increases the crushing strength of the equipment, improves the stability of the equipment in operation, and reduces the maintenance frequency of the equipment.

2. Cone crusher

Cone crusher can effectively crush materials. In the process of operation, the outstanding characteristics of the equipment are as follows:

(1) By using the crushing principle of lamination, the material can be selectively crushed, which increases the processing capacity of the equipment.

(2) The equipment has a variety of crushing cavity, users can apply it flexibly, and the adaptability of the equipment is strong.

(3) The use of thin oil lubrication system can effectively extend the service life of the equipment.

(4) Hydraulic cavity cleaning system can quickly and efficiently remove the debris in the crushing cavity, so as to make the equipment more durable in operation.

3. Hammer crusher

Hammer crusher is an important equipment for secondary crushing of brick and tile. It not only has simple and reasonable structure design, but also has the following advantages:

(1) The material can be broken and shaped at one time, avoiding the secondary and tertiary crushing in the middle, simplifying the production process and reducing the operation cost of users.

(2) Compact structure, small size and light weight of the equipment make the user save more time and effort in operation.

(3) According to the production needs of users, the discharge particle size of the equipment can be adjusted, so as to improve the crushing efficiency of the equipment and make users get higher benefits.

Introduction of stone sand making machine

Stone sand making machine, also known as sand making machine, impact crusher, is a special equipment for fine crushing and shaping of various stones and stones (marble, limestone, pebbles, granite, basalt), etc. It is the core equipment of the sand production line It is designed in combination with the actual situation of the domestic sand and gravel plant and the international innovative technology level. It has an irreplaceable important value and function.

Work site picture of stone sand making machine

Stone sand making machines are widely used in many departments such as construction, building materials, chemical industry, water conservancy, highways, railways, etc. It has simple structure, high efficiency and energy saving, flexible use, good plastic effect, and larger output. It is quite popular in sand and stone factories.

What are the equipment for stone sand making machine? There are many types in the market. Commonly used equipment includes VSI sand making machine, HVI sand making machine, etc. Both of these are new types of crushed stone sand making equipment, with large processing capacity, easy operation, and multiple functions. “Stone-strike-iron” working mode, with an output of 12-650 tons per hour, can meet the needs of sand making plants of different scales. The specific details are as follows.

200 TPH Portable Jaw Crusher Plant

200 t/h portable jaw crusher plant equipment related:

Equipment Model Qty Power(kw)
1 Portable Jaw crusher Plant PE750x1060 1 110
GZD1100x4200 1 15
2 Belt Conveyor
B1 B800x18m 1 11
B2 B1000x8.5m 1 7.5

200 t/h portable jaw crusher plant flow chart:

200 t/h portable jaw crusher plant benefits:


The portable jaw crusher plant is designed with a 54” wide no-slip “Straight line” vulcanized belt conveyor. Impact bars maintain belt contact with flashing in the loading area and the “Diverging” hopper pulls fines inside flashing and reduces friction.


Features such as the integrated motor and mount tensioner, centralized greasing points for the jaw, easy-access belt tensioning and inspection cover, and the integrated feedplate/bypass chute and jaw flywheel and drive guards makes our jaw crusher plant one of the most maintenance-friendly machines on the market today.


The feeder and hopper module on the jaw crusher is designed to withstand aggressive feeds. The unobstructed, AR400 ¾” thick hopper, multi-ribbed, with seated column construction features a 52” x 20’ high stroke feeder with a 60” grizzly. The offset hopper side deflectors deter bridging for a consistent flow.


The hopper module can be removed for travel bringing the weight down to roughly 26,760 kg (59,000 lbs). It can also be designed with an optional extended wheelbase.

100-150 TPH Portable Impact Crusher Plant

100-150 t/h portable impact crusher plant Equipment related:

Equipment Model Qty Power(kw)
1 Vibrating feeder GZG800-4 1 22
2 Portable Impact Crusher Plant PF1214 1 132
4YK1860 1 2×0.75
3 Belt conveyor
B1 B650x16m 1 5.5
B2 B650x15m 1 5.5
B3 B650x17m 1 5.5
B4 B800x8.5m 1 5.5
B5 B500x15m 3 5.5

100-150 t/h portable impact crusher plant flow chart:

100-150 t/h portable impact crusher plant benefits:


If portablity is important for your crushing business, look no further than the stationary horizontal shaft impactor. This self contained unit offers a 1-piece tow system on a 4-axle chassis with an optional 3+1 axle. Fast and easy to use hydraulics offer timely and efficient site set up.


Henan Zhuoheng crushing and screening plants are designed with maintenance in mind. The portable impact crushing plant features convenient maintenance access, hydraulic overhead conveyor lift access, open access below the main frame for easy clean up and all electric drive providing a long low maintenance lifespan.


The crushing and screening plants bodes a highly unique 6′ two-deck grizzly. The convertible grizzly can be equipped with various cassettes including stepped fingers, a finger and sloped punch plate, or a sloped punch plate.


The multi-function remote control displays and controls critical functions of the impact crusher including the percentage of speed, fault messages, plant auto on/off, feeder on/off, and feeder speed adjustment. Additionally, it can control up to 2 auxiliary devices independently such as a radial stacker or dust suppression system.