Analysis of the crash phenomenon of the jaw crusher during operation

“When the jaw crusher was working, I didn’t know why it (jaw crusher) stopped there, and then I had to hurry up to prevent the motor from burning out.” The person who said this was from the concentrator. A jaw crusher operator said that if you can’t grasp its temper, it will often cause the jaw crusher to crash. Therefore, when crushing materials, you must pay attention to the uniformity of the cutting , And the hardness of the material is based on the hardness of the local material. If it is hard, an additional process can be added.

What are the main factors that affect the work of the jaw crusher? Under normal circumstances, the main factors that affect the work of the jaw crusher are the engagement angle and the number of revolutions.

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The angle of engagement is the angle between the movable jaw and the fixed jaw. According to the calculation, the maximum engagement angle can reach 32 degrees. In actual use, it is less than 25 degrees, generally around 18-20 degrees. If the biting angle is too large, the ore in the crushing cavity will be squeezed upwards, causing injury or damage to other equipment. At the same time, the productivity will decrease as the biting angle increases (the crushing ratio increases). Adjusting the size of the discharge port also changes the size of the angle of engagement. In actual life, the size of the discharge port is adjusted according to the requirements of the discharge particle size. Therefore, it is reasonable to enlarge the discharge port as much as possible under the requirement of ensuring the product size. The size of the discharge port can be adjusted by adjusting the block. When adjusting the size of the discharge port, pay attention to the relationship between the crushing ratio and the productivity.

Within a certain range, increasing the number of revolutions of the eccentric shaft can increase the production capacity of the jaw crusher, but it will also increase the power consumption per unit weight of ore. If the rotation speed is too large, the crushed ore in the crushing cavity will not be discharged in time, and blockage will occur, which will reduce the production capacity and increase the power consumption. Therefore, the jaw crusher should have a more suitable number of rotations.

The eccentric shaft, connecting rod, movable jaw plate, shaft and liner of the jaw crusher are the main wearing parts, which require frequent attention to lubrication and replacement.

After reading the above explanation of the common failures of the jaw crusher, we can clearly know that in the future, when the jaw crusher has problems, we can follow these problems to do the troubleshooting and find the cause of the failure.