4 common crushing schemes in stone production line

Rock crushing is the technology and theory of separating part of the rock mass from the parent body and breaking into rock blocks in mining operations. There are usually four methods for rock crushing in the stone production line, which are described below.

1. The water jet flow crushing method is divided into two types: low pressure and large flow and high pressure and small flow. The pressure of the former does not exceed 2×107Pa and is mostly used for hydraulic mining or coal mining; the pressure of the latter can reach several hundred million Pa (Pa) and is used to cut rocks. In addition, pulsed jet technology has been developed, which can effectively crush solid rocks without requiring a lot of power. The current instantaneous pressure can be as high as 5.6 GPa.

2. Thermal crushing method, forming a high temperature gradient in the rock body, and using the different thermal expansion coefficients of each component of the rock to form thermal stress, causing the rock mass to peel off or break up. This method is used for rocks with more quartz The effect is better.

3. Explosive crushing method, using explosives or other explosives to release huge energy instantly to crush rocks.

4. Mechanical crushing method, divided into four methods: cutting, punching, rolling, grinding. When breaking the rock, the rock breaking tool sand making machine enters the rock, and a dense verification appears in the rock body before the tool moves. Larger fragments are produced around the dense core.

Each of the four crushing methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, mechanical crushing is easy to cause tool wear, high-pressure water jet crushing rocks consumes high energy, and the mechanical structure is more complicated. At present, the explosive crushing method is widely used in stone production lines and is more effective. Investors can choose the correct crushing method according to their own situation to reduce unnecessary energy consumption and losses. This article is provided by Red Star Machine, a stone production line manufacturer!